Based in the UAE, the company was born as a result of more than 10 years experience in the precious metals and non-ferrous metals sectors in Latin America & Africa. Built on the principles of reliability, trust and credibility, AURUM PARTNERS has become one of the most competitive precious metals trading companies in the Middle East.

Offering a wide range of solutions to clients spanning the institutional, corporate, industrial, fabrication, wholesale jewellery, production and refining sectors, AURUM PARTNERS’ team are experts in its field, incorporating only the highest standards of integrity, corporate governance and regulatory compliance into every aspect of the business.

Operating offices in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, AURUM PARTNERS is staffed by an experienced team of seasoned bullion professionals and has an established reputation as a leading market player in the gold markets of the Middle East.

As a company, we can provide a new approach for our clients, by implementing global programs that will enable enhanced resource management, facilitating the creation of greater social and economic benefits within the countries we work in.

Mission & Vision


The mission of the company is:

· To use the most appropriate technical capabilities and skills required to become a leader in the precious metals trading sector

· To deal with customers that share the same values of integrity and ethics as our company

· To provide timely and effective services to our customers

· To maintain a high level of integrity and honesty in all internal and external business transactions

· To ensure full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements

· To become the employer of choice for all of our employees and prospective hires through adoption of leading HR practice.


The vision of the company is to be a trusted and efficient precious metals trading company, focused on fulfilling the needs of its customers, whilst maintaining the highest levels of integrity and honesty in every business transaction and ensuring full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Expertise Team

AURUM PARTNERS is made up of an experienced team of professionals who pride themselves on ensuring the highest standards of integrity, ethics, corporate governance and compliance.

With a team of more than 10 employees, including Area Managers and Compliance Officers, we put emphasis on continual training, using the highest standards to reach the goal of giving the best quality personalized service to each client.