Why us


Comprehensive knowledge of both the local and international market, combined with incomparable industry expertise makes AURUM PARTNERS the first choice for clients seeking complete solutions in the global precious metals sector. AURUM PARTNERS places high value on building strong relationships with clients based on mutual respect and a clear understanding of each client’s individual needs.

Customer Care

AURUM PARTNERS, with a key focus on trade with mine developers, suppliers, cooperatives or personal owners, makes a commitment with their clients to building fair and long-term relationships. All of this is conducted with the principle of taking care of each client in a meticulous way, understanding their needs and concerns to continuously improve purchase methods and help them to develop the export mechanisms to be able to optimize resources.

Competitive Pricing

AURUM PARTNERS offers complete solutions for the precious metals sector in the region and has forged strong relationships with international bullion banks and local refineries, thus enabling AURUM PARTNERS to offer extremely competitive pricing and rates, products and services.